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Nurse Staffing Ratios May Be Coming to a Hospital Near You

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On November 6,2018,当马萨诸塞州的选民去投票选出新的州长和其他关键的民选官员时,they will also consider Ballot Question 1,这将要求联邦各地医院严格的注册护士人员配备比率,自1月1日起生效,2019.This proposal would make Massachusetts the second state … Continue reading this entry

Refusing to Hire Medical Marijuana User Puts Employer in Jeopardy

Nursing Home
The following is a wake-up call to all employers,especially those in the 必威官网bethealth care industry,已经采纳了”zero tolerance policies."These policies will increasingly butt up against the tidal wave of laws legalizing the medical and recreational use of marijuana.In a just-decided case,a federal judge in Connecticut issued a ruling in … Continue reading this entry

Association 必威官网betHealth Plans – The Final Rule Is Issued

Earlier this month,the Department of Labor (DOL) released its Final Rule seeking to expand the scope of participation in Association 必威官网betHealth Plans.The Final Rule,titled"ERISA-协会健康计划第3(5)节中“雇主”的定义必威官网bet,with a few revisions,codified the Proposed Rule.At its heart is a change to the … Continue reading this entry

NLRB: Changing Winds Blow in Favor of 必威官网betHealth Care Employers

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The Trump administration's mark is certainly evident at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and 必威官网bethealth care employers are breathing a sigh of relief.全国劳资关系委员会是一个由五名成员组成的委员会,负责决定医疗保健行业私营部门劳资关系的大多数方面。必威官网bet Continue reading this entry