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Investigating Research Misconduct: The Legal Process

关于潜在研究不当行为的令人担忧的消息必威体育网站可以通过多种方式传播:收回观察中的负面报告,an anonymous"Clare Francis"letter,或者员工热线上的提示。不管来源如何,每个机构都必须认真对待每一项指控,especially if it involves research funded with federal dollars.不仅能… Continue reading this entry

DOJ Announces Policy to Promote Fairness When Multiple Authorities Investigate the Same Misconduct

On May 9,2018,the U.S.Department of Justice (DOJ) announced a policy related to resolutions of criminal and civil corporate enforcement.  The new"Policy on Coordination of Corporate Resolution Penalties"was issued by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein,and instructs prosecutors to"考虑罚款总额,penalties,所有(司法部)和/或没收了…… Continue reading this entry

DOJ Issues New Memo Limiting Use of Agency Guidance Documents in Civil Enforcement Cases: What It Means for 必威官网betHealth Care Enforcement

On January 25,2018,the U.S.Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a memorandum limiting the use of agency guidance documents in affirmative civil enforcement (ACE) cases.  Stating that"[g]uidance documents cannot create binding requirements that do not already exist by statute or regulation,"the memorandum strongly discourages DOJ litigators from using noncompliance with agency guidance … Continue reading this entry


Two recent announcements reflect that the U.S.政府正在采取积极措施解决类阿片滥用问题,确定并瞄准医疗专业人员参与促进涉及联邦医疗保健计划受益人的类阿片滥用。必威官网betDepartment of Justice announced on July 13,2017 fraud charges involving 412 defendants in 41 federal districts across … Continue reading this entry


CMS Releases Medicare Part B Supplier Billing and Payment Data
The Department of Justice's antitrust division (the"DOJ")and the State of North Carolina ("“数控”共同起诉,on June 9,2016,卡罗来纳州医疗系统必威官网betCHS"),北卡罗来纳州最大的医疗系必威官网bet统,over anti-steering restrictions in its managed care contracts that the DOJ believes limits competition.In its complaint,the DOJ and NC claim that CHS used its … Continue reading this entry