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FTC Again Finds Success in High-Profile Hospital Merger Appeal

CMS Releases Medicare Part B Supplier Billing and Payment Data
For the second time in recent weeks,the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) prevailed in its challenge of a high-profile hospital merger.This time,the appeal stemmed from a June 14,2016,order by Judge Jorge Alonso of the Northern District of Illinois denying the FTC's motion to enjoin the merger of the thirteen-hospital Advocate 必威官网betHealth … Continue reading this entry

FTC Battles Hospital Mergers: What to Watch for in this Summer's High-Profile Appeals

CMS Releases Medicare Part B Supplier Billing and Payment Data
在一个对里程碑式的医院合并案并不陌生的小镇上,last month a Chicago federal judge denied the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) motion for a preliminary injunction to temporarily block a merger between 13-hospital Advocate 必威官网betHealth Care and four-hospital NorthShore University HealthSystem,both located in the city's northern suburbs.豪尔赫·阿隆索法官期待已久,… Continue reading this entry

Judge Allows Advocate-NorthShore Merger to Proceed;FTC May Appeal

For the second time in just over a month,一名联邦法官拒绝了联邦贸易委员会(FTC)关于禁止合并两个医院系统的动议,this time the 13-hospital Advocate 必威官网betHealth Care and the 4-hospital NorthShore University Health System,both located north of Chicago.The order denying the preliminary injunction will be … Continue reading this entry

Six Trends Impacting 必威官网betHealth Care M&A in 2016

从大型保险业务的医院扩张到医师团队整合,the continued outlook for 必威官网bethealth care mergers and acquisitions in 2016 is expected to be rampant. The following six factors will likely be present in the health care M&A landscape in 2016:… Continue reading this entry

Critical Considerations in 必威官网betHealthcare Affiliations

The trend of affiliations between 必威官网bethealthcare providers (we use the term"affiliation"to include all manner of transactions,including mergers,acquisitions,joint operating arrangements,etc.) continues at a rapid pace.医疗保险报销的减少以及对服务提供的规模和多样化的感知需求所带来的持续经济压力都有医疗保健提供者,必威官网betincluding many … Continue reading this entry

Mergers and Acquisitions for Academic Medical Centers

Academic Medical Centers and teaching hospitals (AMC/TH) are increasingly choosing to affiliate in some manner with other 必威官网bethealth care providers in order to surmount significant industry challenges. The first quarter of 2014 saw several hospital mergers and acquisitions announced including two that would create large systems in Detroit and Chicago.In Detroit,Botsford,Beaumont and Oakwood … Continue reading this entry