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The past decade has seen a tremendous amount of private equity investment in physician practice recapitalizations,primarily in hospital-based practices such as anesthesiology and radiology as well as"retail medicine practices"like dermatology and ophthalmology/optometry,举几个例子。骨科,on the other hand,has received less attention from investors for a few reasons.First,… Continue reading this entry


最近,CMS为全面联合置换(CJR)颁布了新的捆绑支付规则,要求美国约800家医院强制参与。该捆绑支付不仅包括住院患者的DRG护理,but also 90 days of post-discharge care. Contemporaneously,CMS has initiated rulemaking which totally revamps the discharge planning process for hospitals by requiring … Continue reading this entry

Six Trends Impacting 必威官网betHealth Care M&A in 2016

从大型保险业务的医院扩张到医师团队整合,the continued outlook for 必威官网bethealth care mergers and acquisitions in 2016 is expected to be rampant. The following six factors will likely be present in the health care M&A landscape in 2016:… Continue reading this entry


The 2015 必威官网betHealth Care Investors Summit,由Foley和Deloitte&Touche联合主办,LLP,was held on September 24.该项目研究了医疗保健的融合以及对投资的影响,必威官网bet兼并和收购,供应商整合,partnerships,合作和相关监管发展。A robust discussion occurred between the keynotes as well as the panelists.一些… Continue reading this entry

必威官网betHealth Care Rep and Warranty Insurance: New Solutions for Private Equity Buyers and Sellers

无论是在拍卖或专有的交易,risk allocation has typically been a function of indemnities tied to reps and warranties and the type of credit supporting the type of supporting credit.滞留,earnouts,escrows,baskets and caps and their varied combinations are part of deal making"market"学习和谁承担的不可避免的谈判… Continue reading this entry


With a keynote speech by Tenet Vice Chair Keith Pitts,and three panel discussions lead by investor representatives from Thomas Lee Partners,Riverside Partners,Nautic,and Welch Carson as well as provider and payer speakers from Aetna,亲属关系,Mass General and others,波士顿的一栋完整的房子被视为董事会中引起共鸣的主要投资主题… Continue reading this entry